IMPARA's Research

Our mission is to promote the study of aging, in partnership with other institutions, agencies, and health and spiritual care providers in our region.


IMPARA provides services in the areas of research analysis, study coordination, dedicated space, subject recruitment, grant writing, research and management, database administration and data management and analysis, direct research with in-house PI (primary investigator), continuous quality improvement (CQI), coordinated access to students and practitioners in other disciplines to build the multilevel and interdisciplinary teams needed for aging research and training, and publication support (journal selection, writing, and meeting publication guidelines). Furthermore, inter-institutional collaborations open up funding streams that single-entity proposals cannot access, and provide material and human support to each institution.

IMPARA's clinical, health systems, and training research interests are broad and continue to emerge, reflecting our institutional youth and the ongoing development of our community relationships. Focus areas include geriatric mental health and support to older adults, informal caregivers and direct care workers in longterm care.

In addition, we actively solicit industry partners who seek the support of independent research facilities, personnel expert in gerontologic issues, and assistance in convening research teams.

IMPARA offers the opportunity to join in consortia aimed at increasing the power of research studies and the scope of the training opportunities for deliverers of long-term care and other services to the aging. Facilities that partner with IMPARA will benefit through mutually synergistic opportunities that result in quality improvement and grant support.

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