Director: Judith Huober

photo of Judith Huober, Director, IMPARA

A native of Boston, Judith Huober has been active in the business, cultural, social, and Jewish communities of Central New York since she moved to Syracuse in the mid-1980s. After serving as a project consultant to Menorah Park, she joined the task force charged with creating its institute on aging in 2008. She conducted the feasibility study for the institute's inception, worked with the task force in drafting its mission and goals statement, wrote its business plan, and soon transitioned into becoming its founding director in November, 2009.

Judith Huober has over thirty years of experience in several areas critical to IMPARA: for-profit and not-for-profit management and strategic development; communications; community organizing; education; and technology/health care. In addition, she has experience in public outreach, technical editing of medical, nursing and allied healthcare textbooks and journal articles, not-for-profit consultancy and strategic organizational restructuring. With five "old-old" parents, between her and her husband, Huober has been led to study and involvement in the manifold issues of aging by inclination and necessity. Her experience provides IMPARA with a strong basis for development of strategic alliances amongst various types of organizations and institutions and the formation of synergistic relationships that promote and sustain research on aging.